HBS Club Webinar with Prof. David Moss - Dec. 7

The HBS Club of Rochester is running a webinar pilot program with HBS professor David Moss. See the note below and contact Bruce Pollock to join.


From: Bruce Pollock <bpollock53@gmail.com>

Dear HBS Club of Rochester,
Our Club is participating in a pilot program to do an on-line webinar with HBS Prof. David Moss focusing on his recently published book, "Democracy, A Case Study".

The pilot program consists of two components: 1) A club-organized Study Group, and 2) an HBS-organized Webinar.

If you want to be a participant in this pilot program, you need to do the following:

1) RSVP to me that you want to participate (just Reply to this note)

2) When I get your RSVP, I will send you a link to download the case, James Madison, the "Federal Negative" and the Making of the U.S.Constitution (1787)

I will also send you discussion questions from Prof. Moss.

3) Sign up for a Study Group.  See the list of Study Group sessions below.  RSVP to me which session(s) you will attend.  You can go to more than one.  Note: You don't need to go to a Study Group to participate in the Webinar.

4) Read the Case and think about the discussion questions

5) Attend a Study Group session

6) Attend the HBS Webinar with Prof. Moss on Dec. 7

Study Group | Club Organized

Any time prior to the webinar on December 7th, our club members will read the case, James Madison, the ‘Federal Negative,’ and the Making of the U.S. Constitution and gather for self-directed case discussions.

As a benefit to Club members, the HBS Club of Rochester will pay for your Case.  Non-club members will pay $7 to the HBS Club for their case.

Webinar | HBS Organized: December 7, 2017

On December 7th from 12pm – 1pm ET, join a select group of HBS alumni clubs across the country and engage in dialogue with Professor Moss.  Moss will present his own thoughts and facilitate any questions on the case, just as he would at the end of a class session.

  • Please reserve December 7th from 12pm – 1pm ET
  • You can login to the webinar from anywhere – home, office, or coffee shop!  I will give you details on how to join the Webinar.
  • Note: The HBS webinar series utilizes WebEx Event Center technology, which does not currently support viewing on iPads or iPhones.


What if you cannot make a Study Group session?

While we hope you are able to attend at least one study group session, it is not a requirement to participate in the webinar.

What if something comes up and you cannot join the Webinar on December 7th?

Not to worry – the webinar will be recorded.  

Study Group Sessions
1) Thursday Nov. 30 at 7:30 - 9:00 pm at Deborah Pearce's home, 9 Chelsea Park, Pittsford  14534
2) Monday Dec 4 at 7:30 - 9:00 pm at Jocelyn Goldberg-Schaible's home, 1666 Strong Road, Victor 14564
3) Wednesday Dec. 6 at 7:30 - 9:00 pm at Bruce Pollock's home, 304 Thornell Road, Pittsford
Please RSVP to this note and indicate which study group session(s) you will attend.  You can attend more than one or none.  It's up to you.